As life in lockdown continues now is a perfect time to reflect back on previous trips and, perhaps, begin dreaming of where to go next.  A trip I had long wanted to do came to pass at the end of 2018 when I made the long journey south to the land of ice and snow. 

Paradise Harbour

Cruising around the bay the brightness of the snow, the azure blues and deep greens where ice became sea were incredible. Calving from a nearby glacier provided a ready supply of bergy bits – surely a made up word – but no, this is actually what they are called.

The elephant seals lounging on the ice were not at all bothered by our presence.  In fact even opening one eye to check what we were doing seemed almost too much for them. 

There were other stops but this one – one of the last before we made the long journey north will stay with me forever.  The journey north will also stay with me forever for completely different reasons but that is a story for another time…

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